Hi, I'm Brooke, a Digital Designer in the Bay Area.

This is my creative space dedicated to mindful visuals that tell my client’s stories.

About me

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I am a skilled Graphic Artist with a wealth of technical knowledge and a strong desire to produce informative and stimulating artwork. I place great emphasis on teamwork and strive to ensure that every project is a success by paying close attention to detail and maintaining clear communication with my colleagues. My aim is to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results that everyone can be proud of.

My services

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Working on UI/UX projects throughout my academic and professional pursuits, I have been able to create functional and easy-to-use web projects.

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Brand Identity

I am taking my clients' projects from an idea to a fully developed brand with a passionate story and distinct identity, which builds loyalty throughout their client base.

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Creating visuals that align with the brand vision, follow current trends, clearly communicate the product message, engage the target audience, and follow the client brief.


Want to create something awesome?

Drop me an email.