Beer Essentials

This project was developed to stretch my skills in working with packaging design. In doing this I aimed to create a fictitious beer company with an adventurous and rustic target audience.

Beer Essentials
March 3, 2022
Print Design
Beer Essentials


This challenge was to stretch my and develop my design skills. Creating unique designs, in order to develop something more unique with a more minimalistic look. Giving the underrepresented audience of clean, concise adventurers a beer that speaks to them.

  • Simplistic can design
  • Speak to the target audience
  • Set of cans that work together
  • Cohesive brand look

Beer Essentials

Project Results

Based on the rustic target audience, I decided to name the brand Beer Essentials, calling those who treasure the essentials. With this simplistic idea, I decided to create a very minimalist logo. Wanting each beer to have a unique style, I collected fonts to bring an adventurous feel to the designs. Using these festive, bold fonts, I created a specific feeling for each beer can.

  1. Developed a simplistic logo
  2. Designed a set of cans that look well together
  3. Pushed myself with unique typography
  4. Targeted a specific audience