Glass Haven

I founded Glass Haven, a stained glass company, this year in Campbell, California. I create custom and ready-to-ship stained glass artwork. Most of my pieces are inspired by nature, dreamy colors, and the beautiful scenery.

Glass Haven
February 16, 2022
Brand Identity
Glass Haven


When my interest in stained glass started I would look at various companies. After doing a thorough environmental scan I noticed that they did not have great web design, are hard to find, and only target a female audience. These are areas where I could stand out. Below are some of the tasks that are the goals of this project.

  • Research competition
  • Create brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Brand colors
  • Typography
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Welcome package
  • Sales platform
  • Social media promotion

Glass Haven

Project Results

I used my design knowledge to create Glass Haven with a very user-friendly website, consistent brand style, and attractive to a wide audience. Another way that I stand out is by allowing customers to request custom-made pieces.

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