OneClick Referral

OneClick Referral is a dental software for referral management, in 2022 they were looking for a new brand identity, UX and UI Design, and marketing materials to bring their platform to life.

OneClick Referral
June 11, 2022
UI/UX Design
OneClick Referral


The project was presented as a full UI makeover for OneClick Referrals platform and quickly became a full redesign. Starting this project took a lot of  research into the current product status. After gathering all the base information from employees I went into a deep dive of what was and was not working with their current clients.

With all information collected I found a lot of areas in which clients' were struggling with the current design. Using this to find ways to design a product with the most simplistic user experience and clean user interface to save them time and money was the next steps. Below were the challenges I was faced with to complete this task.

  • Develop the most simplistic user experience for front office employees to use
  • Establish automation workflows to grow the client base within the OneClick platform
  • Create a simplistic onboarding experience for incoming clients
  • Design a user interface that is welcoming and simplistic for dental professionals
  • Build new marketing materials to best display the new platform

OneClick Referral

Project Results

By the end of this project, I had developed a new UI and UX for the original functionality and much more. The new look and feel of OneClick Referral has had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the OneClick staff, advisors, investors and clients. Along with this, creating the UI and UX for additional features and developed a much more simplistic experience for their users overall.

  1. Streamlined user experience
  2. Assisted in client growth automations
  3. Established a simple onboarding process
  4. Developed a new UI which aligned with the users goals
  5. Created marketing materials such as: social posts, website, email campaigns, and more